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The Dove Has Arrived!!!

The Dove Who Inspired Beyond Barbed Wire is my new book. I co-wrote it with Andrea M. Ackerly and I illustrated it. Andrea (a counselor) and I (an artist with a degree in neurodevelopment) wanted to write a book about Viktor Frankl. Author of the classic book, Man´s Search for Meaning, Frankl was a Psychiatrist who spent time in concentration camps during the Holocaust. After this very difficult experience, Frankl developed Logotherapy. His idea was that we all need to have meaning in our lives. Instead of focusing on why we are sad, we need to look to find our own personal meaning in life. This will help us find fulfillment and joy, even after trauma.

Our goal was to craft the book so the message could be shared with younger students. Using our background & training, we carefully crafted the message so it can be read to Grade 3 and up. However, we have included a treasure hunt of the illustrations that will enable younger children to experience the book too, with a caring adult who can facilitate it. Surprisingly enough, adults are enjoying the message too!

The book is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We are sharing the book and associated activities at locations that we announce here and on Facebook - The Dove Who Inspired Beyond Barbed Wire. Please follow us!!!!


Story & Illustrations - co-written by Andrea M. Ackerly & Kimberly J.B. Smith. Illustrations by Smith.

Quotes - that reflect the message on each page (quotes by Viktor Frankl and other great thinkers).

Treasure Hunt - to assist in spending more time with illustrations, this activity asks readers to locate details, by page, that further elucidate Frankl's message. Example:

Cover Page:

1. Mandala - a circular design that can represent a person's completeness in life.

2. V Button - V is for Viktor and V is for Victory.

3. Doves - birds that symbolize peace.

4. Auschwitz - a prisoner camp.

5. Secret Message - a word hidden in the illustrations.

Author's Notes - how to explain the Holocaust to children.

Possible Questions - that students might ask and how to answer them.

Helpful Analogy - a present day comparison for students of all ages.

Preventing Racism - sage advice for readers.

Offerings - What we can offer in our book presentations:

Presentation - a reading of the book.

Treasure Hunt - a facilitated treasure hunt of the book pages by the authors.

Activities - a hands on make and take art activity based on one of the book pages. Ask for details!

Illustrations - a sharing of the illustrations and how they were made.

Display of Illustrations - a wall display of 19 framed mixed media illustrations by co-author Kimberly J.B. Smith (13 ½ x 15 1/2¨ each).

Book Signing - the selling and signing of books by Andrea & Kimberly.


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